The Coolest Office and Meeting Spaces in London for Small Businesses and Startups

If you are a small business or a startup and you are looking for an office space, here are some of the best corporate spaces in London!

Working in a cool and modern office space in London seems like a mission impossible for most young entrepreneurs and businesses, but, believe it or not a great meeting and office space in one the most beautiful cities in the world is easier to come by as startups and small businesses change the way they think about what a traditional office space should look like.

Bi, open, and modern office spaces were accessible to large companies only with a high turnover and high profit. But, today, these types of offices are available to freelancers, solopreneurs, and young startups. With London today, being a centre for some of the most successful tech startups in the world, the demand for modern, creative, and functional corporate spaces has significantly increased.

A lot of companies of all sizes recognize how much corporate environment affects employees and their productivity. Enjoying the environment and atmosphere you spend most of your time in can boost your productivity, energy, and motivation, and transform your working life completely. A toxic, uncomfortable, and unfriendly environment does the opposite.

Just think about when you are sat at your work desk at 3pm, trying to keep your eyes open and trying to complete the report at the same time, you probably wonder why you are losing concentration. Well, it is not always down to the factors you can manage and control. As we all do, the immediate reasons you think of are not eating the right food or a lack of sleep, but that is not what the problem is every time. What about the external surrounding and the external environment?

The physical working environment is really important and according to one research, it is an essential predictor of productivity and overall efficiency of the business.

Luckily for all of us, solo entrepreneurs and small businesses have more options to choose from in London, when it comes to creative and attractive corporate places.

Some of the best office spaces in London which are suitable for small businesses and startups are Uncommon (located in Islington), WeWork: Aldwych House (located in Covent Garden), Hub (located in Westminster), Tobacco Docks (located in Shadwell), and W1.Nderland (located in Soho).


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