The Two Types of Short Term Offices That You Can Find in London

A little while ago finding a good office that is a short term used to be really difficult since long leases used to be the norm in the commercial property industry. However, nowadays has become a lot easier to get this type of short-term offices because a lot more people are interested in sharing offices with other people instead of getting an office that will strictly be for one business. In this article, we will discuss the types of short term office that you can find in London, so if you are interested to keep on reading.

Serviced Short-Term Office Rental

The first type that we will discuss is the serviced short term office rental. This type of rental is one that is set up to specifically cater for freelancers, as well as small businesses and is meant to accommodate all of their particular needs. These types of short-term offices tend to be seen as a little expensive, but they also come with a lot of particular advantages. Most of the time, these rentals are usually run by certain management companies or different agencies who specialize in dealing with this type of specific short term rentals and they do this successfully because they are companies that do this sort of thing on a regular basis. Another good thing about having these agencies and management companies run these rentals is that you can pretty much be sure that they will be able to take on any problem that you may encounter because they have most likely been in a similar situation before and have already gone through it with someone else.

Shared Short-Term Offices

The second of the two types of short term office in London that we will discuss in this article are the shared short term offices. These offices are the ones that tend to be a bit cheaper, especially compared to the serviced short term offices. This is because these types of shared offices are usually run by smaller companies and they also tend to offer fewer amenities and benefits than bigger companies. Another thing that is characteristic of this type of office is that these schemes most likely won’t be entire buildings that are specifically dedicated to some kind of short term desk space, and instead they will probably be parts of offices that are already occupied by some other company that simply has extra space that they can space and that they are looking to generate some extra income. This may seem like something that is not very professional, but it is a good alternative for a company that doesn’t have a lot of money to spare and it can also add some extra character to your brand.

Short term offices definitely aren’t for everyone, however, considering how difficult it can be to find a space in a city like London, they can definitely be a good alternative. If you are a new brand that doesn’t have enough budget, this again is something that can be a good solution for you. The best thing that you can do is check these types of short-term office and decide for yourself whether you and your business can benefit from it.


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